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PTM Food Consulting is the leading beverage development and food product development firm to the food and beverage industry. Using our cost efficient, beverage formulation and food product development services we can produce an exciting point of difference that can get you on the shelf and provide a marketplace advantage so critical in today's competitive world.

So if you are looking for beverage development, food product development, dietary supplement development, or private label energy drink development, PTM Food Consulting can assist or completely manage the entire product development project you desire. Our product innovation process, and well rounded market knowledge from 15+ years experience has resulted in vision through consumer-driven trends. In fact, our client list includes several Fortune 500 food companies that rely on the food and beverage development innovation that only PTM Food Consulting provides.

In fact, we are focused strictly on science and innovative development in our own laboratories, we don't market, we don't farm out, we don't distribute, and we don't have other businesses in house; because after be tops in your trade you need to be centered, focused and engaged in your specialty, and that's why we have continued to be the leader in food and beverage development.


a End to End Food and Beverage Development
a Sourcing Ingredients
a Compounding Flavors (specific to your product that you will own)
a Sensory and Efficacy Studies (for functional, such as energy drinks or other)
a Prototypes
a Micro and Macro Analysis (shelf life stability)
a FDA Regulatory Labeling
a Complete Product Report - Sales Materials, Science and Training
a Supply Info for Scale ups, Pilot Runs and Cost Engineered Manufacturing

Our food and beverage development utilize creative formulation expertise, implementing innovative technologies in your product. Unlike other firms, after we are completed with your development, you own the intellectual property and the formulation. We consider the confidentiality of your project to be very important and we ensure that with all clients that is a number one priority as we move forward on your food and drink development project.


We would be pleased to have the opportunity to help energize your product line and create a product development strategy that will increase your bottom line. There are no fees with any consultation so feel free to submit your project or give us a call on our toll free number at 888-736-6339 and then we'll talk to you personally about your beverage development or food product development project that can maximize your business potential.

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